it writes itself

I miss mosh pits


Dogs won’t let you be depressed

I don’t drink Starbucks 

“I don’t drink Starbucks, I run on anxiety.” Pete Holmes

I guess some of us can look at the bright side of stress and realize we don’t need caffeine to function with little to no sleep.

This guy is pretty funny by the way, check out his special.

I’m backwards.

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the manic blogger

I should change my name to THE MANIC BLOGGER. Because I only seem to work on the website when I’m manic. 

It gets better when I try and make it worse. The euphoria–brief as it may be–becomes stronger & I feel like all the emotions, everything all at once. It’s bliss. I can use drugs to help get me there but I wish I could explain what it feels like when everything turns on. The only hard part is trying to stay focused to use the superpowers and not to think about how amazing it feels. 

Why must all good things come to an end?

I’m sure in a few days, maybe even tomorrow, I will remember how I had convinced myself that I was destined to win the Noble Peace Prize and log back on only so I can delete this post.
Perhaps I should keep all of my “embarrassing” manic posts for later inference. 

Maybe it’s not bipolar disease either. Maybe it’s just the drugs. 
It writes itself because it’s a manic episode. 

I started drawing






A Wonderful Sight


she made me want to try doing art outside.

Super Sweet Blogging Award

If you know anything about me, it’s that I don’t follow rules that well. But today, Heila (a “Crazy Schizophrenia, Crippling OCD and an Enthusiastic Mom) nominated me for the Super Sweet Blog award. This is my first award and to say I am blushing is an understatement.

From my understanding, I am to nominate 13 other bloggers and answer 5 questions about sweets. I will answer the questions and play along, but for my nominees, I would STRONGLY encourage all of you who read my posts to check these guys out. Please take my nominations seriously, they are inspirations to me and if you like half of the crap I type out, you’ll fall in love with these guys.

Questions: Disclaimer, I am allergic to peanuts/nuts so there is little passion behind these answers…sorry.

Q: Cookies or cake? A: cookies, but I don’t trust other people’s bake goods.

Q: Chocolate or vanilla? A: my mind jumped to ice cream and to that I say, vanilla. 

Q: Favorite sweet treat? A: ice cream cake (with no cake) is tied with cheese cake.

Q: When do you crave sweet things the most? A: after I consumer lots of savory food or it’s that time of the month.

Q: Sweet nickname? A: I call my boyfriend Sugar Butt when I’m being annoying :D love you!



Austin aka Modern Philosopher he is the great mind of our time. It would be wise of you to follow this blog to acquire the new age wisdom. Also happens to be one of my favorite people to ‘tweet’ at.

Help to Hope is an encouraging blog for people like me who suffer from mental illness. Monica replies to all of my comments and not just a “hope ya get better” type comment but an essay full of support. Much love and respect, Monica, this is a simple thing I can do to say thanks.

Where I Stand is another great resource for those of us suffering with a mental illness or know someone who suffers from depression, bipolar disorder or just has a lot of shit in their lives. They bring light to suicide awareness and for that, a tip of the hat. Thanks for everything.

REDdog is one of the guys who started blogging the same time as me, and since I found him, he has kept up with my posts and for that! You are a sweetheart…but your blog is still badass, keep up the great work. Hopefully you get the sincere recognition you deserve.

Nicole Moseley is really cool and unique, in her blog she is a Bipolar Christian, as her title states. She is a very special blogger, especially of those who I have found who proclaim their religion. She posted about Lord of the Rings the other day and since then, I’ve thought she was awesome. I also enjoy her viewpoints and appreciate all her comments on my posts, thanks Nicole!

Opinionated Man is a must follow. He stands as one of my favorite people to read. Good luck finding any bullshit on his blog. He always replies to his followers’ comments and this one time he got in a fight with a feminist, it was awesome.

Musings of an Heteroclite is a new follow of mine. I read a piece of hers and thought it was awesome. Check her out, give her the attention she deserves. As REDdog said in one of his posts, there are a lot of hidden gems in this blogging world.

Lauren from Scully Speaks is an entertaining and informative blogger. Check her out, she’s a great blogger and you can connect with her through all forms of social media.

Helia just because you nominated me doesn’t mean that I HAVE to nominate you, but you are one of my close buddies here. You always support my stuff and I think you are a really amazing person. I love your blog and I hope you get some more people to inspire and help out.

Ok, what if? is another entertaining blog to follow. He puts out daily posts that are referred to as, “random thoughts from a cranky guy.” Follow this cranky man and become a “what if?” thinker.

We Drink Because We’re Poets is quite frankly a fantastic name for a blog I would want to follow. They post prompts, competitions, and respond to comments. If you are a writer, check them out, they are a must follow.

5 Degrees of Inspiration is pretty much just what it sounds like. If you like daily prompts or writing ideas, give them a look. Go through the comment section and check out who else is writing. There are a lot of undiscovered talent surfing wordpress.

Jackson Williams seems to be one of my twitter home boys, but his blog is full of great stuff. If you don’t at least check him out, I will tell on you…


And there you have it. Those are my 13 nominations. There are many, many of you out there to thanks and recognize but I only had 13 to pick. I appreciate everyone’s love and support. It’s month 2 of having a blog and turns out, this stuff isn’t as lame as I thought. Much love everyone.

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