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Forever Resting

thanks pithag for sharing this. unknown title and artist.

Kendall F. Person’s “BULLY” an original, blog-post feature presentation

The Neighborhood

“The Deep South (here in Northeast Georgia) is rife with a violent culture that plays itself out in a disrespectful culture all over our district, home, school, and work included.  We needed to change the definition of “bullying” and identify the participants (bullies, victims, and bystanders.)” – Yvonne E. Richardson,  Middle School Teacher


developed & written  by Kendall F. Person
video short-documentary edited by  Crystal Fairrington
visual design by You Will Rise Project – Rise Above Bullying

boyYoung Robert Troy was still wearing his soccer cleats and found it difficult to maneuver the usual sharp turns, so he willed his legs to run even faster. The rains made the ground slick, and on more than one occasion, he stumbled, nearly losing his edge. Making a quick turnabout, on 1st Street, he hoped to make his getaway a lot sooner, because he was running out of breath. He jumped over ole…

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Sylvia Plath


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