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Dogs won’t let you be depressed


the manic blogger

I should change my name to THE MANIC BLOGGER. Because I only seem to work on the website when I’m manic. 

It gets better when I try and make it worse. The euphoria–brief as it may be–becomes stronger & I feel like all the emotions, everything all at once. It’s bliss. I can use drugs to help get me there but I wish I could explain what it feels like when everything turns on. The only hard part is trying to stay focused to use the superpowers and not to think about how amazing it feels. 

Why must all good things come to an end?

I’m sure in a few days, maybe even tomorrow, I will remember how I had convinced myself that I was destined to win the Noble Peace Prize and log back on only so I can delete this post.
Perhaps I should keep all of my “embarrassing” manic posts for later inference. 

Maybe it’s not bipolar disease either. Maybe it’s just the drugs. 
It writes itself because it’s a manic episode. 

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